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Glimpse into the Future of Nanotheranostic Strategies for Regression of Atherosclerosis through the Prism of Systems Biomedicine: Systematic Review of Innovations from Multifunctional Nanoformulations to Devices on Chip

[ Vol. 6 , Issue. 3 ]


Alexander N. Kharlamov   Pages 186 - 218 ( 33 )


Background: The knowledge about optimal strategies for the research and development in the field of nanomedicine for management of atherosclerosis which might be claimed by the real world cardiology becomes of high importance.

Objective: This systematic review analysis is aiming to evaluate how emerging nanotechnologies meet the needs of the real clinical practice in line with and contrary to expectations of cardiology in the theranostics of the coronary atherosclerosis.

Methods: We investigated the available sources of the information published in PubMed/ Medline and others between January 1980 and August 2016. At least 512 bench studies and bedside trials were explored and then examined for modular networking and clinical relevance to the main three targets: (1) lumen stenosis, (2) (athero-)thrombosis, and (3) atherogenesis.

Results: We assigned 135 papers (a 26.37%; 377 articles were excluded because were not in scope) with 120 studies for the special analysis through the prism of systems biomedicine. We have identified 79 studies (65.83%) of nanotechnologies with a focus on atherogenesis (cholesterol/ lipid metabolism and immune response), 23 studies (19.17%) targeting lumen stenosis (medical devices), and 18 studies (15%) examining thrombosis with further integrative assessment of the data array. There is a lack of solutions for lumen stenosis and thrombosis as well as synergistic approaches such as multifunctional nanotechnologies to reach all the expectations of the real clinical practice.

Conclusion: The number of developments in nanomedicine is surging today, but without clear destination for the real world cardiovascular medicine particularly for imaging and therapy of atherosclerosis.


Regression of atherosclerosis, nanomedicine, lipid-lowering therapy, systems biomedicine, transient scaffolding, bioresorbable vascular scaffolds on chip.


De Haar Research Foundation, Handelsplein 15, Rotterdam 3071 PR, The Netherlands.

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